LinkedIn : Content for the Revolutionaries

LinkedIn has recently identified a new class of online reader made up of people who are ready, willing, and eager to consume content marketing.
They have been labelled “Content Revolutionaries,” and they should be your primary target audience for LinkedIn content.

For these readers, time spent on LinkedIn is not time wasted. Instead, they see time spent on LinkedIn as professional development.

As Jason Miller, Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn puts it:

“Members are thinking about how to achieve their ambitions and further their careers. As a result, our members are highly receptive to advertising, content, and experiences that can help make them more knowledgeable and, ultimately, more successful.”

These readers aren’t interested in any old type of content. They want pieces that will actually help them further their career goals.

On LinkedIn your motto should be “always be helping” instead of “always be selling.”

Goals of LinkedIn Content Marketing:

  1. Enhance their own knowledge. Help them keep up with industry news or discover new ideas within their industry.
  2. Strengthen their network. Sharing your content should facilitate building relationships with colleagues, clients, and/or influencers. Remember that you want to spark discussion whenever possible.
  3. Boost their personal brand. As mentioned above, you’re helping them build their professional reputation by making them look good. This also applies to content that’s aimed at improving current job skills.

LinkedIn is making great strides toward becoming a major content hub, which means there are lots places you can leverage your content.
To do this effectively:

  • Incorporate visuals. Make sure you include an image or video with every update. They are far more appealing, make your company page look much more polished, and will enhance the chances your update will get shared.
  • Keep it Short. You want an update that’s short and to the point, giving people enough information that they will be enticed to read the entirety of your content without overwhelming them with text.
  • Channel Your Inner Journalist. You want a journalistic headline that will be accurate yet compelling. Value is the name of the LinkedIn game. Make it clear that you’re offering that.
  • Be Consistent. Don’t neglect your company page for a month and then flood it with updates. Try to maintain a regular posting schedule so you show your genuine and regular presence on the page.
  • Be Timely. Share breaking industry news within your updates, comment on new trends, or illustrate your company’s role in leading the way.
  • Engage With Comments. If any of your followers comments on an update, make sure you reply. Even something as simply as, “That’s a great observation. Thanks for reading” moves you from “just another content marketer” to “a real person who cares what I think.”

You can incorporate Slideshare into your content marketing repertoire. This huge site was purchased by LinkedIn, giving content marketers a visual content channel as well as a written one. You can create a company page on Slideshare and connect it to your company’s page on LinkedIn so that any presentations you create will appear as an update.

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